What is FLI?

FLI is a term that refers to those who identify as
first-generation and/or low-income college students

This means that individuals who ascribe to this identity are the first in their family to attend a four-year college and/or may come from a low-income financial background.

Research indicates that many FLI students face challenges such as financial insecurity, micro-aggressions, stereotype threat, imposter syndrome, under-preparation for college, as well as structural barriers that can prevent success. However, this deficit model doesn't account for the abundance of cultural capital FLI students bring to institutions of higher education. Indeed, as 'invisible innovators' Class migrants are more likely to be risk takers .

Though we identify as FLI we do not view ourselves as defined by the barriers presented to us, but by our resilience in overcoming those barriers.

As FLI women of color we bring a variety of cultural capital and communal wealth to our environments, a value-add to our workplaces because of, not in spite of, our various intersecting identities. We advocate for the incorporation of class and intersectionality into conversations surrounding diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice in the workplace. We hope to advance these conversations in our podcasts, and role-model them through our platforms. See below for insight into the many ways we have advocated for FLI folx during our time at Stanford previously, and how we continue to advocate for FLI folx as young professionals in the workplace.

What does a FLI Doctor look like?

We're here to show you!

Scientist and activist
by day!

Dr. Stratton showing up and doing the work
at the Science March!

2017 Grad FLIP Executive Team

A student organization focused on FLI graduates at Stanford dedicated to creating community and providing support.

Dr. Ruedas-Gracia presenting
at FLI Conference 2018

Dr. Ruedas-Gracia at her best!

FLI Conference Selfie

When one of us is presenting and representing an absolute selfie is required.

McNair reppin

Yes we know. We look good!

The Graduates

Hey Ma! Look at us. We made it.

Rooted in Love & Community

Celebrating Success

Whenever you're FLI and you find ourself on a boat, photos are absolutely required.

Look up, look up!

Edritz celebrating at Stanford Medicine Graduation, 2019

Proud Family

Dr. Javelosa getting all of the love and support from the family!!! A new doctor is in town!

Tita got her degree

Little nephews giving their Tita a lotta love. Future scholars y'all.

We work hard, but we travel harder!

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Javelosa taking some time to play in the sun and learn how to salsa.

Cuba, 2017

Javelosa sandwich

Visiting a museum in Cuba.

When in Cuba

Girls night out in Havana, Cuba.

2019 Amgen Scholars Symposium

Mentorship is our game

Besides our regular day jobs, we mentor the younger generation!

SSRP 2019

SURGE 2018