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Welcome to The FLI Collective Podcast

FLI is a term commonly used in higher education to identify people who are First Generation College Students and/or come from Low-Income backgrounds. Our collective is a group of 5 women who have completed PhDs as FLI students and are now navigating the post-FLI identity.

Each episode, a few of us from the FLI collective discuss how our FLI identities shaped our experiences in higher education and beyond.

Meet The FLI Collective

Join the FLI Collective in our premiere mini episode where we give a short introduction of who we are!

Season 1: Wake Me Up When 2020 Ends

Episode 7: Collaboration with Technically 200

Hello FLI people, welcome to the FLI Collective Podcast! This episode is the result of a collaboration between one of the FLI collective hosts, Dr. Miranda Stratton and the host of Technically 200, Selena Montelongo. Selena Montelongo works with Code2College, a nonprofit whose mission is to increase the number of minority and low-income high school students who enter and excel in STEM undergraduate majors and careers. She is also the host of Technically 200, a podcast dedicated to highlighting the voices and experiences of Black and Latinx women in STEM. Take a listen to Miranda's episode and subscribe to Technically 200 for more remarkable stories!

Episode 6: Update & Congrats to Grads!

We have been hard at work in creating new episodes and collaborations which will be coming soon but in the meantime we wanted to shoutout all the recent FLI graduates :D This mini-episode is hosted by Dr. Courtney Pena.

Episode 5: Reimagining Leadership: The Value Women of Color Bring to Organizations

When we think about leadership in an organizational setting, there seems to be a common image or stereotypical portrayal that we’ve come to think of. So for this episode we are going to unpack how American business cultures have traditionally defined leadership and the various ways women of color leverage their cultural capital to challenge those notions. This episode is hosted by Dr. Marlette Jackson with co-hosts Dr. Edritz Javelosa, Dr. Miranda Stratton, and Dr. Nidia Ruedas-Gracia.

Episode 4: So What Are You... Really?
Navigating Multiple Identities and Intersectionality

This episode is all about a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts: navigating multiple identities and intersectionality. Host Miranda Stratton is joined by co-hosts Marlette Jackson and Edritz Javelosa for a conversation about identity through the lens of intersectionality.

Episode 3: Disrespectin' the Doctah

This episode is in response to the recent op-ed article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal which criticized Dr. Jill Biden’s title and called into question whether or not she should use it. The hosts of the FLI collective had a lot to say about that, and now Dr. Miranda Stratton, Dr. Marlette Jackson and Dr. Edritz Javelosa, three FLI WOC with PhDs, are gonna help us unpack this loaded conversation.

Episode 2: From Grad FLIP to La Vic's -
Maintaining FLI Friendships After Graduations

Edritz hosts a conversation along with Marlette and Nidia about how their shared FLI (first gen/low-income) identity brought them together during graduate school. They discuss their involvement in student organizations and community engagement, and reveal the secret sauce to a lasting friendship after graduation.

Episode 1: FLI PhDs and Other Degrees

It's our first episode! Join Nidia, Miranda, and Courtney as they chat about their FLI journeys in education, navigating the confusion of higher education, and shout out the mentors who had their back and saw their potential to be the first in their families to earn their degrees, including that PhD!