Causes We Support

The FLI Collective is all about paying it forward

Our success is not just our own - it's for our communities as well. We would not have been able to achieve all we have
and inspire others without the love and support from our communities: families, friends, and mentors.
Support some of the causes we care about below - including ones that we founded or partner with!

Gracia Girls Scholarship

The Annual Gracia Girls Scholarship was created in 2019 in honor of Nidia's aunts: nine sisters who exemplify the meaning of family, love, and selfless giving. View the website or contact for more information.

The BORNE Alliance

The BORNE Alliance is a non-profit aimed to provide access to neurological care to underserved communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. View the website or contact for more information.

Simply Neuroscience

Simply Neuroscience is an internationally student-led fiscally sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to fostering students' interdisciplinary interests in the brain through neuroscience and psychology education, outreach, and awareness. For more information or if you would like to support you can contact or visit the website here.

AlumFLI Guidebook

The AlumFLI Guidebook is a resource for recent FLI graduates who are transitioning to the alumni world. This guidebook has been created by FLAN: Stanford's First-generation and/or Low-income Alumni Network. For more information, contact the board at or visit the website here.